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How did all this madness start, anyway? How do I become a host?

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Week of Mar 8, 2020
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Sunday, Mar 8
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ednesday, Mar 11
WT Shorty's - KymmY
Malloy's - Jess
"Ladies Night"
Thursday, Mar 12
Frontier - Otis - 7pm
Mozart's - Robin - 8pm
Jake's - Danny 8pm

Friday, Mar 13
Oasis Grill-Aurora - Otis

Saturday, Mar 14
Legends - KymmY

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Uncle Dutchie


You are probably asking yourself, "How in the ... did he come up with that name?" Well, its a long story. When I was two years old, my father nick-named me "Dutch." Its funny, but I never asked him why. As the youngest of five boys, I do have many nieces and nephews, thus the name "Uncle Dutchie." Now let me tell you about the Karaoke...

Dutch discovers karaoke
I have always had a passion for music and performing.  Perhaps you could call me a ham, but nonetheless, I persisted in my endeavors. Starting out at the age of five or six, impersonating Elvis.  This led to learning how to play the guitar and eventually the "band" thing.  After growing up and working in the real world, I realized that the music business was probably not the most stable of careers to rely on so I slowly migrated towards this new thing called Karaoke.  I first discovered Karaoke at a restaurant in La Jolla, CA in 1988.  What a wonderful, exciting thing... to be able to show off your singing abilities in front of people without having a band!!!

Well it was the start of something new, big and exciting.  Since my first experience in 1988, I began searching out karaoke here in the Denver area.  Soon I was hooked, a "karaoke junkie" needing my fix weekly or I couldn't survive.  After many years of attending the same old boring shows, I felt that maybe I had something to offer, or I was at least going to give it a shot.  What started out as a small investment for home entertainment, has since turned into a small production.

I officially started a karaoke entertainment business early in 1995.  As a die-hard music fan and music aficionado, I have done my best to provide an exciting and memorable experience with my shows. Everyone has the opportunity to be a star!!! If a prospective singer has a case of stage fright or a little problem following the words, I'll help as much as I can to make them as comfortable as can be. Once someone has a good experience with karaoke, they are hooked.  They will soon become "karaoke junkies" too.  It didn't take long for that first show to become two, then three, then five and then; BAM!!! In 1998, Uncle Dutchie's Karaoke expanded dramatically!!!  From one system to five!!! It was not an easy task, but, with the efforts of my main man, Reikko, we did it!!!  Now we are contenders!  But, I cannot forget all those who helped get us there... Let's see, there was Link (the PR MAN), Charlie (The Bodyguard), Dave and Amy (who are now out on their own, thank you very much), Glen (Yeah, BABY!, Yeah), Jay (Mr. Fabulous), Dave (Dude with a 'tude), Churchill (Lost his religion), Laura (the respectable one), Ken (The Wrestling Cowboy),Cindy (The Motor-mouth), Paul (Paooooooool!!), Mongo D. Madman (crazy hair and a crazy look in his eye!) .

Some new suckers, uh, I mean hosts!
Uncle Dutchie's Karaoke now has shows every day of the week in the Denver metro area.  Some new faces have appeared behind the mic, and you can bet you'll be seeing a lot of "Dollar" Bill and Michael "Psycho" (think big muscles and big tattoos), and Jay is hanging in there now as manager.  The names may change to protect the guilty, but we continue to bring you the best karaoke show in town.  It has been a long, but fun road!!!  Thank you guys!!!  Uncle Dutchie's Karaoke could not have done it without ya!!! Love ya, MEAN IT!!!!!!   John has been on board now for about two years and has done a really great job...

The Latest...
Here we are in 2008 and so many new faces have come and gone...   Another new face, John. John is a family man who love's to sing!!!  He's worked with us before and we are glad to have him back in the stable.  Then there's Jame, the free wheelin' wild man!  He's tearing things up and enjoying it to the fullest extent of the law!!!  Newest on board in Matt the Hippy!!!  Matt has an incredible voice and has taken to running a karaoke show like ...  a ... um... (I can't think of anything right now) but, he's doing quite well.  Matt has a lengthy resume with the theater and the arts and you will enjoy his antics as well!

These are quite possibly the best bunch of hosts we've had, so please take some time to come out and spend a fun-filled evening with them!!!

The Clubs...
Hold on . . . just one darn minute!!! What about all of those clubs? Well, I haven't forgotten you guys either, but you know, I can only advertise the die-hards that have stuck with us!!! Thanks a bunch!