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How did all this madness start, anyway? How do I become a host?

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Show Schedule
Week of Mar 8, 2020
Shows start at 9PM
(unless noted)

Sunday, Mar 8
No Shows
Monday, Mar 9
  No Shows

Tuesday, Mar 10
No Shows

ednesday, Mar 11
WT Shorty's - KymmY
Malloy's - Jess
"Ladies Night"
Thursday, Mar 12
Frontier - Otis - 7pm
Mozart's - Robin - 8pm
Jake's - Danny 8pm

Friday, Mar 13
Oasis Grill-Aurora - Otis

Saturday, Mar 14
Legends - KymmY

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How do we handle the rotation?
What about duets?
If I tip you, will you bump me up in the rotation?
Can I bring my own discs?
What about children or minors, can they sing at your shows?
I turned in three request slips and only sang two songs. Why?
Why are there duplicates of the same song in your songlist?
Can you change the key of a song?
Do you have reverb?
What do you do between singers?

How do we handle the rotation?
As the karaoke Host/DJ, I always strive for everyone's participation and overall enjoyment. It is impossible to please everyone, as we all know. Please let it be known that I will and always have, tried to be fair to all patrons and singers during one of my shows.
The Rotation:
The Karaoke rotation is a difficult thing to manage. In an attempt to be fair to all participants, I use the "Old" Singer, "New" Singer method. Which has nothing to do with age but it works like this:

First rotation:
The first 12 to 15 singers to request songs  will make up the first rotation. All singers are entered into the rotation on a first come, first sing basis.

Second rotation:
The second rotation consists of the first singer (now an "old" singer) then a New singer. Then it continues old singer, new singer, old singer, new singer. If the new singers exceed the number of old singers, they are just added to the end of the list. Keep in mind, on busy evenings, the second rotation could be quite long.

Third rotation: 
All singers that have sung already are now considered "old" singers. New singers will be inserted in the rotation the same as the second rotation, depending on what time the request is turned in. Rarely do we accept requests after 12:30am.

This is by far the best method I have used, as it is the most fair to everyone. Everyone that wants to sing will have an opportunity to sing at least once before the cutoff time. Request slips cannot be accepted after the cutoff time.

What about duets?
If a song is an actual duet, the person requesting the song must list both (all) singers that will sing the song. This will take the place of one of the singers in the rotation. Our policy is to limit each singer to one song per rotation. In the event of a friend asking for help on a duet, the other singer will probably be moved back in the rotation at the hosts discretion.

If I tip you, will you bump me up sooner in the rotation?
Good Question!!! Absolutely not! Although tips are appreciated, we do not solicit them. If you flip a $20 out, please don't expect to sing next! We'll keep it and see what we can do, but its never going to put you at the top of the list. (Sorry! If we did that, nobody would come to our shows! We pride ourselves on ensuring that every singer is treated equally) NO FAVORITISM!!!

Can I bring my own discs?  SORRY - WE ARE ALL DIGITAL - WE DO NOT PLAY CDG'S.

What about children or minors, can they sing at your shows?

Yes children can, until 10pm or Midnight, depending on the venue. Nearly all of our regular shows are in nightclubs. Some are in restaurant/bars. These will allow minors usually until the kitchen closes. Sorry, these are rules set forth by the establishments that we perform in, not by Uncle Dutchie's Karaoke.  

Do you recommend dressing up into costumes while I sing, to better get in the mood :)?   Yes, you can and it would be quite fun and entertaining.  Karaoke is not something to take completely serious, it is something to have fun with and this would be the best way to set yourself free and costumes usually get a better reaction from the crowd.

I turned in three request slips and only sang two songs. Why?
Well, first of all, we prefer that you turn in one request slip at a time. Each request slip has a place for two song requests; your first and second song. When you are called up for your second song, feel free to bring up your next request. If time permits, we'll go through the same process. Remember, you don't lose your place in the rotation unless your not there when we call your name. You snooze, you lose!!!

Why are there duplicates of the same song in your songlist?
Simple, with the number of manufacturer's out there, it is inevitable to have more than one version of the same song. If the version you select isn't as good as another, we'll probably switch to the better one. Sometimes, the ee-nee-mee-nee, my-nee-mo process works.

Can you change the key of a song?
Yes. All of our systems allows ˝ step changes. Ten up or ten down. This is not recommended unless you know music as it really does affect the sound!!!

Do you have reverb?
We have digital reverb, echo, chorus and flange available. Usually applied to sound like the original recording. (Unless you really suck, then you get buried in echo…) This happens only on those nights when everyone is trying songs they shouldn't.

What do you do between singers?
All of our systems have an additional mp3 player and a good selection of prerecorded music or music videos that we play between singers. This eliminates "dead" air. If there is one thing I cannot stand, its "dead" air. We keep things rolling along!